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Students and pro's finally have a Vocal Tool to rehearse anytime at home, backstage or on the go, the Vocal Acoustic Monitor(r) is your personal listening device. Students practice more at home with the Vocal Acoustic Monitor(r) vastly improving vocal confidence and classroom performance. Pro's are able to use the Vocal Aoustic Monitor in studio to listen to oneself while coordinating Harmonies or simply warming up. Guitarists can warm up with a Guitar, singers can warm up with a Vocal Acoustic Monitor(r)!


My Name is Byron Cancelmo Inventor of the Vocal Acoustic Monitor®.

Before I explain what the product is in more detail, the basis of my invention was realized while practicing vocal warm ups in between Recording sessions.

Typically while waiting for my turn to record voice, I would be cupping my hand over my ear and mouth singing along with the first take with and without the vocal track. I like to use both hands for greater volume by capturing the sound as it leaves the mouth. I was frustrated holding my hands up to my face and not having a free hand to hold the lyrics.

The singing position when cupping the ear
is extremely uncomfortable and ridiculous looking

I literally got a neck cramp after days of this. I figured there would have to be a better way. I took a paper towel roll, cut a V notch in the center, bent it in a 45 degree angle and taped it into that position. I cut a hole for the ear and mouth and what do you know, the Vocal Acoustic Monitor® was born. Since that time about 2 obsessive years of design implementations occurred. Several prototypes, engineering design work, current and future product lines are all Patent Pending. I was very proud to release the first product line for VAM® in July 2007.

Pictured to the right is World Record Breaker and Spokesperson for the VAM®, Jaime Vendera.

The Vocal Acoustic Monitor® (VAM®).

Finally there is a tool that can be used to help improve the quality, tone and skill level of a singer’s voice. The Vocal Acoustic Monitor® (VAM®) can take an ordinary performance and change it to your best performance.

Suppose you feel that most performances you achieve 90% of your notes with accuracy. In a live situation, singing off key is the worst feeling, especially when you know that you did for reasons of poor or ineffective monitors. VAM® will effectively take your 90% up to 100%.

Hearing is believing...

The reason is simple; you can hear yourself loud and clear without having to strain your voice. Accuracy with pitch and tones come easy for professional singers when using VAM®. For aspiring singers, VAM® will help you Sing Better Faster!

VAM® is an effective tool any time you sing; from simple warm ups, to breathing exercises, live performances, to giving speeches. Those suffering with hearing loss will hear themselves much more effectively by using VAM®.

Cupping your ear is finally a thing of the past. Many different sound levels or dynamics can be achieved by using VAM® by either holding it at various distances as you would sing into a microphone, move away from the unit when you sing louder, and get closer when singing soft.

VAM® with no plug INS can be used in the loudest environments. You can play music loud and sing to yourself into the VAM®. Practicing before you are heard by everyone else can be beneficial to you and those around you.

Some other features of VAM® are the detachable Bass Enhancer® back plate. The Bass enhancer creates a vocal chamber that deepens the singer’s tones, giving off a bass effect. A special plug can also be removed or added to the Bass Enhancer® changing the volume levels of the bass. Foam can be added within the unit to create a more customized tone. VAM® with or without the Bass Enhancer® helps you learn who you are as a singer. You can truly hear yourself as what others are hearing.


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