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THE SALES PITCH - why this product works:

Take both your hands and shape it like the VAM® and position it over your mouth and ear and speak or sing a note. Now imagine that 10 X's louder and more crisp. The VAM® amplifies the high and low end spectrum of your voice, no echo and no reverb only you.

Imagine, having a vocal amplifier that is powered by your voice alone that you can carry in your back pocket. Use it to sing at band practice without a mic to come up with vocal ideas while the rest of the band is trying to do the same with there noisy gear. Use it for vocal warm ups on the road or to sing into in the car with the stereo cranked for a realistic live feel (do not do this while driving). Use VAM® in the recording studio for performance takes and to come up with vocal ideas and warm up in between sessions.

For those of you who say "I would never use this live" that’s fine, use it everywhere else, it’s worth every penny and then some. Keep the VAM® with you when you play out just in case. You can use what you have trusted and relied on at band practice to the stage. I have played over 1000 shows and it’s hard to remember a time that I was satisfied with the vocal monitoring. Let the VAM® be your secret weapon, do not be afraid of the VAM® for use live, do your fans a favor and sing on key. Your recordings will be better and your voice will be stronger because you’re not yelling. The VAM® is new, many bands are using VAM® live and the fans totally embrace the product. They say it looks cool and makes total sense. VAM® is a great conversational piece in between sets. Product is simply amazing; you really cannot put a price to being able to hear yourself sing on any stage anytime any place.

I am the inventor, the last thing I designed into the product was to use it with a microphone, and I just wanted something to sing into in the studio between takes to come up with new vocal ideas. When the product came out I was asked why I didn't use it live. I invented it, why shouldn't I. I did and many others who have stepped into this brave new world of VAM® will not perform without it again. I dare you to try it!

Thanks for listening.

Do not forget to e-mail testimonials and photos, band links for the testimonial page. I will be documenting and promoting bands/singers who use VAM®. Doesn’t matter live or practice, let me know how VAM® has changed the way you sing.


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